Serious issues with upgrade to 12.2.0

Emulator, basic zoom, screen drag not working

See video

Can you open up the logs at the bottom?
A few issues I ran into myself when upgrading:

  • hitl has issues with postgresql 10.10, a migration was not applied and failed silently
  • analytics is giving me errors

Disabling both works in my case, but Im stuck with another issue not related to yours.
Let’s see your logs tab :slight_smile:

Hey Sara,

I have a feeling that everything is related. Can you show me the logs that would be very useful.

Further more, can you try to start botpress with USE_LEGACY_NLU=true and see if issues are still present.

Let me know I’d like to help. You can also try to update yo 12.2.1 and let me know as well.


I just gave up the ghost and started over. Glad I had good documentation on what I had done previously