Setting external URL stops botpress from being accessible

I am slowly tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to make my bot visible. It is installed in docker and perfectly accessible when not correctly configured. The bot can be used in the testing screen (http://yourURL:3000/lite/botname) but any images used don’t load. Inspecting them shows the address is localhost.

I am told to set the EXTERNAL_URL property in the ,env file to do this. But once this is set the bot doesn’t load. I simply get cannot GET /admin or cannot GET /lite/botname.

Can someone please explain to me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

I can tell you my understanding.
the default installation will server at http: //localhost:3000

To get it to serve at an alternative url you need to use a reverse proxy of some sort which will translate incoming requests to http ://localhost:3000

In my case I am using IIS. I set the hosts file to point mybot.localhost.local to then I did a reverse proxy with url rewrite to map incoming requests from http: //mybot.localhost.local to http: //localhost:3000 . Lastly set the EXTERNAL_URL so that botpress knows the url where it is visible from and renders client html which will interact with the required external url. Do you have a reverse proxy and dns setup correctly?

But as stated in my initial post once external URL is set the bot stops loading altogether.