Shortlink not registered error

hie folks,

Were there any changes in registering the external url? I cant seem to find any in the documentation and yet when I add

"externalUrl": "",

I get the error below


Hi @DigiSenseiZim,

Try to set an environment variable instead:

  1. either start botpress with EXTERNAL_URL=
  2. or set it in a .env file under data/

Let me know if it works!

Kindly give me a more detailed explanation in carrying out the first step.

But instead of always changing the workflows anonymously without even mention of where the breaking changes occured you could at least ensure that functionalities which are fundamental to Bot operation are maintained.

Of what use is the whole dokku/heroku hosting process if I can’t access the full web and embedded bots. Building bots with Botpress becomes a waste of time if those bots can’t be tested let alone used

You can set an environment variable in your terminal while starting Botpress:

EXTERNAL_URL=your_url ./bp

Alternatively, you can create a .env file at the root of your data folder to set your environment variables:

.env content:


This way you don’t need to manually set your variables each time you restart the app.

About externalUrl, are you sure the property is in botpress.config.json under httpServer?

FYI here’s the definition of the botpress.config file.

Thanks a span! Had missed that i.e. the definition of the botpress.config