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Hi, I am new to chatbots and botpress and am after some advice please.
I have read through loads of pages but I am a little confused as to the best way to achieve what I think is a pretty straightforward use case.
I have a set of FAQs that I want to migrate into a bot.
Is the simplest thing to add them to the Q&A section. If so I am not getting great matches unless I type exactly the same wording as the question?
If I have a question such as “How do I edit a file in Linux?”, with a relevant answer. What I would like to achieve is provide the same answer if the user entered “Best way to modify a file in Ubuntu”
From my understanding.
Edit and modify should be entered as intents
Linux, Ubuntu, Debian etc should be entities

or should I be adding all the variations to the questions in the Q&A section?

I just want to understand what best practice is before I jump right in.
Thank you

Hi @LeeScho, welcome to the community!

As far as I understand, you don’t need intents for this pure FAQ use case (yet). Try adding more variants to your FAQ entries, so in this case for “How do I edit a file in Linux?” creating variants with the supported linux distributions seems to be a good idea (so the NLU learns, that “file” is most important keyword for this FAQ entry).

Intents are made to recognise and extract data slots. An entity “linuxdistro” could be used to create a Flow (so more than just a question answer pair) that uses this specific information “which linux”, to react in a specific way (e.g. select the right download for this linux distribution).


  • For the migration, transform your FAQ into the Botpress JSON data file schema (bulk operation), then via the Studio, redact all your entries, adding variants/alternatives. Test each of them with a slightly different question in the emulator, reiterate.
  • If you notice uncertainty of the NLU, redact your entries by merging or clearly separating concerns.

Thank you @JustusNBB much appreciated.

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