Slot filling skill infinite loop


I am suffering a infinite loop situation of the slot filling.

I tried to use slot filling to identify the slots from the input sentence.

I found the validation part only work on the slot outcome “on extracted”, but not “on alreadyExtracted”. So that I put the validation out of the slot filling node.
After the validation, if the slot value invalid, the slot will be reset (I used the bulidin slot reset), then this reset node will connect back to the slot filling. (The slot filling should ask the input again).

My flow like: node 1(slot filling) —> node 2(validation) (if invalid) —> node 3 (reset slot) ----> node1

Above flow works when the initial input without the slot, then the slot filling ask the slot. the outcome from “on extracted”.

In the situation, the initial input with slot value, then the outcome of slot filling(node 1) is “on alreadyExtracted”, then if the slot value invalid then reset the slot, then reconnect to slot filling (node 1), at this time, the slot filling node (node 1) will not ask the input, but in a infinite loop.

I have checked, after the reset slot, the slot is empty for both situations above.

If anyone has any idea?

Thanks and best regards!

Hi @grace_bot,

Welcome to the Botpress Community!

Could you share your bot with us, or at least a partial duplicate of it with the flow structure you made? It looks like some interaction breaks the flow, but I’d like to see it your way to make sure we can reproduce the issue and report it to the product team.

Once we do that, I’ll try and find the root cause and propose a workaround, if that is fine with you!