Some questions of knowledge base in botpress

We have some questions for Botpress KB.

Whether we could configure knowledge points with pictures and articles, in botpress?
We are new comer for Botpress, and get to know it support process Q&A and NLU, so we would like to do more with it.

  1. In our biz, there are some general simple articles, how can we present it in the dialogue?
  2. Whether Botpress can catch the keyword of an article, so when the users mentioned the keyword, the article will be displayed to the user.
  3. Whether the knowledge points support classification and authorization configuration?

And we wonder whether we could achieve menu selections as below?
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Hie @PaulYang thank you for using Botpress. Let me try to answer your questions. If my answers are not clear, please feel free to ask further.

Yes, you can configure such knowledge points. When you create a QnA, you can add any content type as a response. Here is how you can do that.

Yes, you can include them as a content element of any of the types in the figure above. You can also include them as an iframe in a text content element. Just make sure “use markdown” has a checkmark for your HTML to be read as such.

Yes, this is also possible using slot tagging

I am not sure what you mean by “authorization configuration,” but in terms of classification Botpress, Q&A supports contexts which can classify Q&A

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Hi, Michael:

Thanks for your great help.

Yes, we have some further questions on Botpress:

  1. I made a process, BP gave a network address, but it seems to be text, how can we provide a link for customer?.
    (The dialogues below are: How can I help you? Please select your mailbox version)

2、In our knowledge base, there are always long articles include pictures and text. Is there a way to import these articles? Or whether we can link to other knowledge bases?

Dear Michael
Can you help us answer these questions?
Thank you !

Please use markdown when presenting links. You can also use HTML. For example, this text element:

<a href="">Click here for Google</a>

[This is also a link to Google](

Will give this result:

Hi, Michael:

Thanks again for your help.

We are working on it based on your suggestions, and will revert to you later.