Start ui-studio

Hi all,

Is there a way to start ui-studio separated? There is a way to start ui-admin in the documentation ( but nothing for ui-studio.

Thank you for any help,

Hey @Bojan_Tesic,

I’m sorry but I don’t think there is any way… I’ve just looked at studio’s package.json and I don’t see any script that looks like a start command.

I’m just curious, why do you want to do this? Maybe there’s another way around for what you’re trying to do…


Hi @frank_levasseur ,

Thank you for your answer. I see the same thing in package.json.

I want to implement the frontend in a different environment. I want to allow user to have access only to the studio, not admin. I have found a way how to login in without accessing the admin panel. Also, I want to have some changes in studio workflow. But I don’t know how to start a studio independent from admin.


Hi again!

Instead of giving your user access to only the studio, you could manage its roles to limit the ressources the user has access to and you could create different workspaces to limit the bots that a user can see.

Would this be good enough?


Hi Frank,

That can be one of the approaches. Thank you @frank_levasseur

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