Telegram module error

Hello, thanks for this great project. I’ve been using botpress for two weeks (so maybe this is my own error). When I run bp it spits this error, do anyone knows why? I carefuly browse documents and forum but I can’t manage to find an answer

⊗ MODULES_ROOT/channel-telegram (error)
05/18/2020 16:58:37.559 Launcher Error while loading some modules, they will be disabled [SyntaxError, Unexpected token }]

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Hey @RedFlag !

It seems like there might be a syntax error in your JSON configuration file for the Telegram module.
Make sure your Telegram config file is valid JSON.

Hope this helps!

Hi! Thanks for your help, my channel-telegram.json archive has this code on it

  "botToken": "[my bot token]",
  "enabled": true

I think that I may have deleted something I shouldn’t, there was some default code but I can’t remember

Ok, can you create a new channel-telegram.json from scratch and see if the error still persists?