Timeout hook not working

I need to use before timeout hook , I can’t find the folder for this hook ?
then I found link for creating the folder and I followed the steps but hook didn’t fire ?
How can I use this hook its very critical for me now

NOTE : I read this link but also nothing working https://botpress.io/docs/tutorials/timeouts/

Hi @ashrafateef, the timeout hook is in data/global/hooks/before_session_timeout. It should be called when context expires.

You can enable debug scope for hooks to see if it gets fired correctly: http://localhost:3000/admin/server/debug

the timeout hook folder don’t exist

  • I created one and create a sub folder called builtin then create a js file called 00_timeout_hook.js
  • I followed these steps :
  • create a welcome-bot
  • add a timeout flow
  • add a timeout node to the main flow


  • add the before_session_timeout hook and change the configuration to a shorter timeout
  • restart botpress
  • start a conversation from emulator
  • and I waited for te timeout duration I wrote in botpress.config.json and nothing happened

I am facing the same issue. @ashrafateef, @allardy

Did you find a solution for this?

@ashrafateef We fixed something related to timeouts in the latest version (12.1.4), can you see if it works now ?

Also, did you try to enable debug logs as suggested, so you can see in the console if it is processing something?

thanks it works now in version 12.1.4