Timeout of 6000ms exceeded

I get a red notification box come up and say " timeout of 6000ms exceeded " and chatbot isn’t work. Is there any solution for this situation?
I’ll be thankful if anyone can help me to solve this.

Hi @Thilini, what action are you trying to do that causes the red notification? 6000ms is the timeout of most actions on the admin panel

@allardy Thank you very much for your response. It causes when I’m chatting on the bot without any changes. Are there any possibilities for that? After the botpress server restart, the error will disappear. and it will appear without any changes. I can’t understand what was happened. May I know what are the other actions that cause red notifications?

If you has logging enabled, try to check, which action was called last. Also do you have it on random message or specific one?

The red notification box is only on the admin or the studio, and can’t be triggered by anything the bot says. Can you open the Developer console on Chrome, and inspect the Network tab and see what request time out ?