Training, Turn off Automatic

Is it possible to turn off the automatic training?

I am making many changes, and frequently at the moment, and I was wondering if I could suppress the automatic re-training, in favour of instructing it periodically at my discretion.


Hey @aintHuman !

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment.
We will keep that in mind as an improvement for the NLU module.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks, naturally the issue is, that as soon as models get larger and larger, and training takes longer and longer, one would want to re-train only after a batch of changes have been made, as opposed to frustratingly after say a single character change.

It is strange I am working on windows, and that button ‘autotrain’ does not appear, to a friend who works with Botpress on Linux if it appears, it is strange …, and in another forum someone also commented that that button appeared. …, I am somewhat confused …