Transitions suddenly broken

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your help.
I am working on a fairly simple bot design which a few of my colleagues are testing with a view to releasing it once any issues they identify have been resolved. Yesterday we experienced a power cut and a generator failure which resulted in everything being shut down. Since we got everything back online Botpress is no longer working.

For instance loading up the bot and typing hi results in it identifying the intent as greeting with 100% confidence however the transition doesn’t fire. You say hi and it just sits there, silent. I have a flow wide transition set up currently and have also tried creating one within the start node but neither works. Can anyone suggest what is happening here? My mostly functioning bot has become totally useless overnight.

Hey @Gareth_France !

Have you had a look at the logs in your Botpress instance? Make sure to activate all logging (/admin/server/debug page).

Also, which version of Botpress are you using? On which OS?

Thank you for this. I have adjusted the debug settings but the list of logs is empty.

I am using 10.12.5 in a docker instance.

I imagine you are using 12.10.5, not 10.12.5? Correct?

Apologies, yes. An easy mistake to make.

Have you tried upgrading to the latest Botpress version?
A lot of issues have been fixed since 12.10.5.

I haven’t. I’m not quite sure what would be involved in doing so and being entirely honest if a power cut is enough to cause this scale of outage and the response time for assistance is measured in days then there may be better alternatives. I appreciate the help but once the platform is committed to we would need to react far quicker to any issues. I am currently working on an alternative solution to compare.