Unable to login to admin panel despite API call responds with success

I started botpress via docker-compose and accessed the login form via localhost:3000. After creating an account I am unable to login. The API call localhost:3000/api/v1/auth/login/basic/default responds with success and even localhost:3000/api/v1/auth/me/workspaces and localhost:3000/api/v1/auth/config respond with HTTP 200 and deliver data.
I don’t get a credentials error (which I see if I use modified credentials). The Screen just flickers and brings me back to the login form.

Botpress Version 12.9.3 and 12.10.1
Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Docker compose file: docker-compose-community.yaml from Repo

Hi @macmillan78,

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Just to make sure, did you start a fresh instance of Botpress, or did you edit the yaml file to include data from a local instance? I just tried it and could login without any issue.

Let us know if you figure something out! Otherwise, I’d suggest to try again with a new instance.

Happy Building :robot:

It was a completely fresh instance. I used the docker-compose file mentioned above, added one of the two versions (12.9.3 and 12.10.1), changed the external URL to the IP address of the VM docker runs in (leaving it localhost didn’t work either) and started with docker-compose up.

The problem must be somewhere in the frontend code, because API responds as expected AFAIK. But in FE Console I don’t get any errors.

I definitely suggest you leave it at localhost until resolved. Do you mind me asking what is “FE Console”? Also, what OS is your VM running?

Sry, meant JS console. No idea why I used FE (Front End) Console …

The VM is running a Fedora 31 Linux.

Alright, and in which directory are you running docker-compose? Are there any new files or folders written in /botpress, next to the Dockerfile? Make sure Docker and/or your user has writing rights there.

I run it in the directory with the docker-compose yaml file. In botpress directory there a two new directories: data and language. I don’t think the problem lies on the server side. Login succeeds, an array with one workspace is delivered and also the config is responded by the config endpoint.

I must say I am at a loss here, have you also checked in Botpress’s logs? I’ve never seen anything like it.
Maybe @allardy might be able to point us in the right direction?

What the heck? Just set up a test case to show you on digital ocean, but used ubuntu 20.04 LTS. With the exact same config files and stuff it works. I’ll try to use an ubuntu VM locally to verify it.

With ubuntu it works even in a VM. How is that possible? It’s inside docker … sorry to bother you …

No worries, glad you got it resolved! I’ll try and find any reference that there could be issues between the Docker image (which is running Alpine) and Fedora, if that can be a source of trouble at all.