Underscores getting converted to <em> tags in anchor tag's href

Hi all,

url of <a href=ā€œwww.example.com/example_example/ā€>Example</a> in text content type is getting converted to www.example.com/example<em>example/ in my bot message.

Why? and how can i prevent this?

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Farhan,

Markdown is converting the different elements, in your case the underscore is an emphasis indicator:
_example_ yields example. It looks like this same function is also turning anchor tags into links, so there may currently be no solution except for you to set the URL in plain text.

Feel free to log this issue on GitHub!

Cheers :robot:

Hi @Maxime_Joannette, i have logged the issue on GitHub.
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it!

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Stumbled upon this post where @asashour mentioned HTML escaping and &#95; numeric code for _.

Worked for me! :heart: