Unexpected end point for Slack module


i’m trying get Slack integration working but i’m facing in front to the following issues:

  • according to the Slack module documentation, the bot Interactive Endpoint URL should be EXTERNAL_URL/api/v1/bots/YOUR_BOT_ID/mod/channel-slack/callback but at the console at the start up reports Mod[channel-slack] [test] Interactive Endpoint URL: https://botpress.goowai.com/api/v1/bots/prova/mod/channel-slack/bots/test/callback (repeating bots/test twice
  • just after this message Botpress server report a message [INFO] RTMClient:1 unable to RTM start: An API error occurred: not_allowed_token_type refuse to continue and refuse to go on

Could anybody help me to solve te problem?
Thank you in advance