Unrelated Intents

Hello, I,m new here and would need help with the following scenario for a e-commerce Bot I’m trying my hands on.
The Bot asks the user for shoe size, and the user responded by asking the Bot if shirts are available (something unrelated). i expect the Bot to answer this new intent while returning to the same point it left off with the user.
Many thanks

Hi there, you can add a transition to your node with a condition intent none (select the option from the dropdown) and you make it flow to the node you want.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Marcmerce, however this is what I intend to achieve.
User : I need Nike shoes
Bot : What’s your size? (I expect a number here)
User : Do you have shirts too?
Bot : Yes we have various designer shirts
Bot : What’s your size? (It then goes over to the initial question)
Thanks again

Hi @solution,

You might want to try out the experimental natural dialog understanding (NDU) module. Unpack “ndu” and activate it from the admin/module panel:

Once active, go back to the admin page to create a new bot from the template “test bot”. You will find a new UI for the flow designer. From here, I will try not go into too much detail since it will change a lot in the upcoming months, but you can create two different topics, with an NLU trigger on each intent (shoes and shirts) to swap from a flow to the other, and you will probably need a custom hook to make it behave the way you want it to.

Stay tuned for the official release!

Happy building :robot:

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Hi @solution

Have you tried flow wide transitions? You can set an intent related to shirts and send the conversation to a flow that will hadle it.

I’m not a developer but I think that you can register the node ID which conversation will jump from, thus you can jump back to it. I don’t know how to do it but I think that is pretty possible. But that approuch doesn’t seem scalable, so the NDU could be a major improvement in BP in that matter :slight_smile:

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I enabled the module and … I feel completelly lost (hahaha) .

Is there some material talking about how to use/test NDU?

Unfortunately, as it is an experimental module, no training material exist for it yet! I myself am just learning about it, so I can’t be of much more help for now.

Good luck!


Thanks all for the feedback. I’ll wait till a time NDU can solve this.

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Anything in particular you’d like to know about NDU? I can help you out as I played around with the NDU quite a bit.


Hi @marcmerce

As I said, I found myself completelly lost and gave up to dig into it due my tight schedulle to study BP. If you could link me some material or “how-to”, it will be pretty nice :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !