Upon logging in: "No access - Sorry, you do not have access to any workspace"


I recently launched Botpress using the Dokku instructions on the installation pages. All was working fine.

However, this morning after rebooting the Amazon AWS EC2 instance, whenever I attempt to log in, I get the message “No access - Sorry, you do not have access to any workspace” (see attached image).

Does anyone have any idea what might be going onNoaccess ?



This appeared to have been caused by BPFS_STORAGE being set to ‘database’, following which the configuration needs to be pushed to the server using the instructions contained within the Version Control documentation (and supplemented by Source Control tab within the admin interface).

Hi @Oliver_Spencer, when you create the first account, the username/password is stored in the database, and the username is added in the botpress.config.json file as a SuperAdmin.

If you see “Sorry you do not have access to any workspace”, this means that the superAdmins list is empty in the configuration.

Setting BPFS_STORAGE = database means that all your server’s file will be stored in the database. Did you start it first with that flag, or did you add it afterwards?


Thank you very much @allardy - I’ve resolved the issue by moving everything to the database.


Hi @Oliver_Spencer and @allardy!

I am facing this as well, how can I fix it?
I am using docker version and added BPFS_STORAGE flag later.


Hi @Oliver_Spencer, @allardy,
I am facing exactly the same issue of Batnasan.
How to resolve this issue?
Thank you

Make sure to check in botpress.config.json that your name still appears in the superAdmins property
If that still does not resolve your issue, delete all users from table strategy_default in the database, so that the initial super admin registration triggers.