User conversation store in Database

Hi Team,

Can you please assist how the bot conversation stores in Database.
My context is: I enter my email id it will match and go to the next node or flow user queries etc…
Now bot should store all the conversation between bot and user… please assist on this…
I hope using insert query can store the values in DB for that each node have to call script file and call event.payload.text…But still need your assistance…
like from user side can download the conversation by clicking download button is there any alternative way to store full user session values in DB…

Waiting for your reply…Thanks!!!

Hey @ChaithraNKharvi!

I understand that you want to store all the messages from a conversation in the database.
All the messages are stored in the events table in the database. You can query this table to retrieve all the individual messages.

Hope this helps!

Hi Spgin,

Currently I am not using database for this chat(i just used dummy db for email verification via action JS). How should I use mysql for same because botpress has no clear instructions on how to integrate mysql and how to make this work. It will be helpful if you guide…Thanks!!!

Hey @ChaithraNKharvi ,

Unfortunately, Botpress does not support Mysql. We only support Postgresql and Sqlite.
You can find instructions on how to migrate to Postgresql from Sqlite here