Using an uncommon language in the chatbot

Hey There,
We are using the Arabic language as the bots language.
The bots built in capabilities does not match the capabilities in the english language.

for example, if there is one letter missing in the word, it does not recognise that word, keep in mind that the Fuzzy matching options is set to loose.

my question is: How can I improve the bots capabilities in understanding the words. So that such problem (mentioned in the example) doesn’t happen.

Thank you.

Hi @yasminaz,

Currently we’re using a levenshtein algorithm which tries to detect bad spelling.

Thanks to your message, I realized that this algorithm works good for utf-8 characters (occidental alphabet) but not with others characters (russian, arabic, asian alphabets)

We will look into that and fix it.
Feel free to open an issue on our github to adress the problem.

Thanks for the feedback !

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