Using chat component directly instead of the iframe

We want to add botpress to a React-based application.

SInce botpress frontend is based on react itself, is it possible - and if so, is it recommendable - to include or implement the chat as an internal component?

Or should we instead focus on implementing a good event/message-based communication with the default iframe solution?

Hey @loopmode !

I think you are going to have an easier time implementing the event/message-based communication around the webchat iframe. You are going to reuse all the logic and styling that has been built in the web iframe, for free. Furthermore, you can customize the look of the webchat to your liking.

Without using the iframe, you will basically have to rewrite the whole webchat application on top of Botpress’s REST api. This will be a lot more work, for little difference in the end.

I hope this helps!

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@spgin thanks for the response, it does help a lot and confirms our assumption. One less open question to worry about :slight_smile: