Using Choice Skill

Multiple Choice skills work well in Botpress examples.

But when I add my own option in the list even display it let alone redirect


Another thread suggested using a Stable version. Anyone know what version is currently stable and how this is generally decided? It may be useful to make a sticky for this.

Hi @codes64,

Did you change the choices for the question?


By doing so, the transition for sales is added automatically, you will only need to select its target.

To answer your last question, the latest numbered version is usually the most stable. Let us know if you manage to resolve your issue!

Happy Building :robot:


You’re absolutely right! I missed adding the choice as you pictured. I added a transition instead which lead to nothing happening. Once I updated the Choice as you showed it worked wonderfully and moved transitioned into my next sub-flow.

Thanks for your detailed answer. You scored a hat-trick by answering three of my questions in a row :cricket_bat_and_ball:

I’ve used similar tools to Botpress to build very complex bots. I’m still easing into the Botpress way to do things. Botpress has a very intuitive way to connect to external API that I like best of all the tools I’ve used.

Also great to know about the versions. My concern was about downloading the very latest version which is in effect a nightly build (bleeding edge). I would consider lagging slightly behind when a new Version number is released until it’s 1st or 2nd minor version gets released. On closer inspection I discovered the changelogs are neatly included in the main dashboard of Botpress. Just what I’d expect from great software.

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Happy to help, and glad you like it!

I’m looking forward to work with you, it feels like you’ve got a lot of experience in bot building to share, hopefully I can try and translate that into improvement for the software, for you and everyone else.