Visibility view of bot on two different websites is different

I tried botpress first fime, it looks good.
But when I tested it in my two different websites, something doesn’t look good on one of the wesite. while same bot looks okay in another website while testing.

Kindly suggest what changes to be done in my bot configuration.

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That’´s a interesting question. A good way to take more control over how the chat window appears will be sooooooo good.

Thank you very much for your response!

Since I am new to this and tried several ways playing around with CSS and js but no luck.
Any idea on how to take more control over chat window?

I’m trying to write my own chat window using Converse API (I’m not a developer, don’t wait for me lol). But if you really need some help for now, I think @Maxime_Joannette could give us a clue :slight_smile:

Hi Experts,

Any suggestions to handle this?


Do you mean the pink navigation overlaying the chat overlay?

CSS displays always the element with the highest z-index on top.

Have you tried lowering the z-index of the HTML element of the pink navigation?

Alternatively the z-index of the chat overlay could be increased but it is already high to overlay the other content.

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Hi @JustusNBB , thanks for your suggestion.
I already fixed this issue using higher z-index value in the /botpress/data/assets/modules/channel-web/inject.css file.

I have doubt w.r.t changes done, whenever I reboot botpress server, the changes are lost. So I have to make changes again in the file.

pm2 stop ‘bp start -p’
pm2 start ‘bp start -p’

Is there a way where the changes persists in the file even after the botpress server restarts

@bairwa.hukam glad I was able to help you. I can’t follow up though (still a botpress beginner myself).
Maybe this is helpful? How to use a custom css in Botpress? - AabinGunz

I’d suggest to open another topic since this is another different issue.

Why not lower the z-index of the website’s nav bar?