Voice chatbot in botpress

hi all,

I wanted a voice chatbot in Botpress if it is possible ,please let me know how it can be done.

Hi, you can do so by integrating Botpress with a voice device like Alexa and Google Assistant. The easiest way is to connect them to Botpress via the HTTP Converse API.

This means you would probably need to write a small intermediate server code that Google Assistant would call via Webhook, then you would in turn call Botpress, then return the response to Google Assistant webhook.

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I had a similar idea, a voice chat bot. The requirements for my case study, in progress, is this:

  • it has to work over phone
  • it has to understand speech
  • it has to speak

Based on that, my process is this:

  • use freepbx with asterisk to answer and make calls
  • write an AGI script that interfaces with the bot via API
  • write a botpress channel that interfaces with asterisk using the HTTP Converse API
  • use Google Cloud services to convert text to speech, and speech to text

this is only theoretical until now, but would allow the bot to receive and send messages as if the conversation was a simple text chat, and would allow the freepbx AGI script to act as a business unit that interconnects Google Cloud Wavenet services (there’s a generous free tier) with the bot.

Such a setup would allow to support an IVR without creating an entirely new bot, separated from the social network answering one.

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how to integrate google assistant to BotPress.

can anyone please suggest me to integrate.

Hi Sylvain,

Can you please tell me, how to integrate Google assistant with a Botpress.
please provide me a steps.

hello…I think thi is a brilliant idea and i dont see why it shouldnt work. I would also want to do the same thing, but use vicidail instead of freepbx