Web-channel not working on iOS Chrome/Safari

We are trying to implement embedded web-channel on our website, but unfortunately it does not work in iOS broswers (Chrome/Safari). When user types something to input box and clicks enter, nothing happens (chat conversation is not updated). But if you reload the page, it displays the entered message. Has anyone else witnessed the same issue, and are there some workarounds/fixes? We are using the latest botpress version.

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Whats your versions of Chrome and Safari?

Safari 12, Chrome 73.0.3683.68

Update - got it working. Was a bug on our implementation side.

I’m glad to hear that :wink:

What did you do to solve the issue? We are facing the same problem. The proxy is not authenticating because safari doesn´t send Authorization header on websockets.

Hi @xaxim, there must be an error in your browser’s developer console. Please check and validate if you have proper configuration in your proxy server.

The error is a 401, cause I have to pass through 2 corporate proxies to get from internet to the botpress server. The alternative would be to open for websockets, cause Safari and derived engines don´t implement Authorization headers on websockets like Chrome does. But that is a clear no no for security, so we are kinda stuck for now.

I see, this is a big challenge then. I don’t think there is any way to configure proxy (to bypass internally) in Botpress settings.
The best option will be to get some VM on coud and deploy Botpress there else if possible (which I feel won’t be possible), get an exception added for your system specific details via network administrator.
You may also give a try by setting up Nginx for your installation, as it will route through port 80 may the corporate firewall allows that. But I am not sure, it seems to be a random thought.