Website Embedding


I am totally a beginner, I have created a bot and I am trying to embed in a website. It says the below.

After the import script above you need to initialize the bot to the window object with the script below.

  1. How to access the botpress console? I have installed in windows 2016 server.
  2. Could someone help me with more details on how to embed the bot.

Have you tried that?

Let us know if yes and which step is not working for you


I tried using the steps in the document.

My installation is on Windows.
However, I am not able to access the chatbot. The web page loads without bot icon. I am trying this on a url which is accessed over internet, hence only port 80 is open. I need to understand the following:

  1. configuration of nginx
  2. configuration in bot schema json
  3. entries in the index.html

Thanks in advance.

Ravi Deshpande

If only the bot icon doesn’t show up, I think that the reason is because you didn’t set the EXTERNAL_URL environment variable to point to your bot location.

Here’s the relevant doc about how to update the external url:

Hi Sylvain,

I tried to set up the externalURL, but, I am confused. I have following:


@ravi I am a Botpress developer like you and have gone through the same pain, which led me in writing a series of blog posts specifically to share my knowledge of Botpress. Please follow my blog for Botpress related tutorials.

Do you see any errors or a 404 for inject.js in chrome console?

For configuration related to bot schema json please refer to @sylvain’s answers. Also, check this post to see how I enabled HTTPS using Nginx.