Welcome Bot does not work

Hello all. I installed Botpress and created a Welcome Bot, then I tested it in the emulator. But when I try to ask questions about animals, or even ask a simple “help me”, the bot returns to “topic-choices”.

I have Botpress 12.12.1 on Linux.

I noticed that I get this error in the terminal output:

Mod[nlu] Error extracting metadata for incoming text: No model found for the following languages: en

Hello @Marco_Sulla, thanks for posting on the forum !

This model comes from the natural language processing pipeline. It means you don’t have any model to analyse and compute english language.

If you’re using the botpress language model locally you should go in the language tab in the admin panel and download english.

Once downloaded you will see it in the “installed languages” tab.

@PierreSnell Hi, all the 12 languages are already installed. I’m using the public language server.

Okay, thanks for the information.

I guess then it’s because your model didn’t train (or load), you should train it and wait until training is done before try to talk to it.

In any case, we’re improving the nlu pipeline and upgrades will be incremental going forward to our Albert LTS version.


Hello, just go to the bottom right of your screen and click Train Chatbot :)., its late but hope it helps someone

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