[Welcome ๐Ÿ‘‹] What are you working on?

Hey all,

I am Marc (or Merce) from Quebec, Canada. I recently joined Botpress as the first non-tech team member in Canada. Apart from not understanding dev jokes from my teammates, I work on various marketing projects.

I thought itโ€™d be really cool to know about each otherโ€™s projects. Mostly because after speaking with some of you, I found out that you have similar use cases and you could help each other. On the other end, we can better understand the feature set required for you to build outstanding conversational assistants and optimize for that.

So let us know whatโ€™s up.


Great idea Marc! Right now I am working on a product recommendation bot that recommends a product and show the lowest price found online.


Hey @marcmerce, Surprised to see non-tech in tech community.

Iโ€™m Sangram was a tech geek now doing MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.

I came across BotPress when I was making a bot for old age people a volunteer project. Currently, helping a friend build a bot that will help refugees and Iโ€™m interested to explore service design for shared economy and build successful app startup that helps environment and help people contribute to society and earn extra.


@Sangram Great to see a not-for-profit chatbot project. The team is super busy with the product so I am trying to make sure we provide a great experience off the product and to me it means having a great communication channel with our community and users. Feel free to reach out to me here!