What kind of data are stored in redis?

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to know that what kind of data are stored in redis?
Right now I’m having problem with digital ocean managed redis server.
Security is really tight and I can’t get back up from redis.
I’ve tried so many ways and bgsave command also not working.
So I just wanted to know is it safe to delete that redis cluster?
What kind of data will lose from that?

Hi @kyawsthway,

Botpress currently doesn’t store any data in Redis. It only uses Redis to synchronize multiple instances when using a load balancer. This means, it only uses distributed locks and message pubsub.

If no Botpress node is alive, I believe you can delete your Redis cluster without getting any problem.

Let me know if this works for you,


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Hello @frank_levasseur,

Thank you for your response and it is really helpful.
Now I’ve deleted my Redis cluster without any problem.

Kyaw Su Thway

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