Whatsapp integration

Is there a timeline on whatsapp integration? or will there be one? :slight_smile:

No timeline yet but yes WhatsApp is definitely a platform we’re interested in supporting


Hello, This was done 7 months back and wanted to know if there has been any movement here. Does the new release support Whatsapp

The new version does not support WhatsApp yet

Whatsapp Business API was available only as a limited public beta as described here: https://github.com/botpress/botpress/issues/813

@sylvain @alex Whatsapp support will probably get us more traction than any other feature under consideration in terms of Botpress being embraced by more developers as the bot-builder of choice. Have you researched around being a Whatsapp global business solution provider?

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Hi DigiSenseiZim,

I agree Whatsapp is important.
We are working on this. Stay posted.


We’re looking at this for future expansion of our bots but noticed the only path so far is via the Smooch integration (https://smooch.io/whatsapp/) which seems to be the case for SMS as well (via Smooch+Twilio) even though there once was a native Twilio channel in botpress (v10) which we’re looking to try and revive in v12.

Wonder what botpress’ plans are for supporting these channels natively instead of relying on Smooch (which requires a $500+/mo subscription).

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