Where are the the uploaded file on botpress?


Where are the uploaded file,when an user upload a file


Hi, I have the same issue… when trying to access the uploaded file (from HITL dashboard), I get the following message

Cannot GET /uploads/211_zT27JOSxQuGpayh7_1595277853305.jpg

Been looking for an uploads folder… but can’t seem to find one…
Thanks for your help

Hey guys,

Thanks for asking your question.
I think a bit more context might be more useful?
What do you mean by a user? Are you saying an end chat user or a developer on the platform?


@Maxime_Joannette , the problem is: when I’m on HITL and the user drop a jpeg on the chatbot, I can’t click on it, without get an error saying: Cannot get XXXXX.jpg

As an agent, when I Click on the link to see the droped JPEG by the users, I get this:

How can I display the JPEG?

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You will find it in the local uploads folder, next to the Botpress executable on your file system.

It might be an oversight that the image in presented with a link, routes are not created by default to display them in the module’s page.

I turn botpress on localhost
How can I created a route to display a link ?

A custom module would be the way to go : https://botpress.com/docs/advanced/custom-module

There are multiple examples of routes in the source code, you could derive from there to get the image available from a new window.