Wich will be my error in this fligh booking chatbot?

Pls download an import, and tell me wich one my error, because i use exactly phrase and always send to otherwise answer

Hi John,

This seems to be a bug, i’m looking into this

Hey John,

Regarding the NLU not being able to do an exact match, that is happening because it is using spell checked text “quiero reservar 1 vuelo” instead of the exact string, that is a bug and it is being fixed at this issue on github, you can add “quiero reservar 1 vuelo” as an utterance to fix this issue

However, your NLU is not matching because it needs more training data, as the suggested minimum amount of utterances is 15

Then need to be update something
Pls tell me steps

Hi John,

As mentioned before, you should add a “quiero reservar 1 vuelo” utterance to fix this issue